Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Plan B

As a result of my experience cooking and eating garden snails, I have made a decision to resurect the St Mary Bourne Snail Farm plan. This is partly due to the success and positive feedback received from those who tried the snails I cooked, but also from those who have offered to help fund the project and were disapointed that the Kickstarter funding did not succeed.

The farm will specialize in farming snail species native to the UK, particularly white lipped, brown lipped and garden snails. They are smaller than the Escargot de Bourgogne (Helix Pomatia) but (based on my experience) have a better flavour and texture.

I will be contacting those people who kindly pledged support for the project when it was promoted on Kickstarter with a request to support the new project on slightly different terms.

If anyone else is interested in sharing in this adventure, please contact me and I'll give further details.

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